Navrachana Higher Secondary School Sama Road, Vadodara
February 2012

Navrachana Higher Secondary School Sama Road, Vadodara

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Principal: Bijoya Baksi
Mrs. Bijoya Baksi has been associated with the School for the last 25 years. In 2002, the school won the prestigious National Award for Excellence in Computer Literacy from the Ministry of  Information and Technology, Govt. of India. Throughout her career as an educationist,  Mrs. Bijoya Baksi has been endeavouring to  enhance the scope of technology at all levels from Class I to Class XII. She enjoys the distinction of being the recipient of National Teacher s  Award, which is given by the President of India. The Navrachana Higher Secondary School is run by Navrachana Education Society, which has at its  helm Mrs.  Tejal Amin, a multifaceted personality whose passion for good education has given birth to a large number of educational institutions.
It has generally been seen that the learning in digitised classrooms is more collaborative and interesting. A digital cur- To keep pace with emerging trends in the use of digitised teaching tools and making the setup so user friendly that all departments of the Institution can use it with ease and bring about effective
Vision Statement
The digital teaching tools that the school employs include:
a. Interactive Boards in all Higher Secondary Classes
b. Smart Classroom setup in all our Labs
c. Smart Boards in the Multimedia resource  rooms
d. Entire School is networked with servers
e. Digital Educational content installed from the year 2001 includes JIL learning Capsules, Classteacher.
 com, Eureka, Educomp and Math Buddy New Digital Teaching Tools the institute plans to deploy in the future
• Installation of Virtual studio
• Setup of 3D Lab, which will help explore the Galaxy
• Expose students to the multiple uses of 3D
• Bring in Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)
cariculum is more equipped to engage the attention of the students. The students are able to gain a better understanding of the concepts and they retain it for longer periods of time.
Digital Teaching Tools
It is matter for pride for us that the Navrachana School was one of the first in the country to introduce its entire staff to Intel Training. We began our tryst with computer education way back in early 1990’s. Digital teaching tools make classroom teaching more effective by making it possible for teachers in the classroom to concentrate on instruction and concept building, rather than on dictation of notes. Online collaboration and sharing of content has opened doors for enhanced cooperation between the teachers and the students. Teachers are able to source information from electronic/digital mediums and create teaching material that is customised to take into account the needs of the individual students. As educators, we are also concerned about the environment, and a paperless school setup can go a long way in keeping our world clean and green. The school is also making extensive use of the excellent educational material that is available on the on World Wide Web. The ratio of students to computers in Higher Secondary Classes is 1:1. In all other classes it is 1:2,

Vision Statement
To keep pace with emerging trends in the use of digitised teaching tools and making the setup so user friendly that all departments of the Institution can use it with ease and bring about effective results.

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