digitalLEARNING Announces Special Issue on Digital Labs & Multimedia Content

In a crowded field of educational publications, digitalLEARNING stands out because of its useful, bold and analytical coverage. digitalLEARNING is the best go-to guide to cover the newest developments in our schools, colleges, universities, vocational training institutes and the educational industry in general.

For March 2012, digitalLEARNING Magazine has planned a special issue on Science lab, Math Lab, English Lab, various Language Labs, Robotics Labs, and Virtual Labs for schools, vocational and higher education.

This issue will have in-depth coverage of the system of digital labs, which are revolutionising education. We will focus on the core issues facing the sections of the industry that are involved in creation of these cutting edge digital labs.

There will be in depth research of trends in education. We will put the stoplight on innovative methods that are tested, proven, and successful. We will also be conducting case studies about how the system of education through Digital Labs is spreading in the country.

Many schools, higher education institutes, vocation teaching centres in the country are trail-blazing, forward thinking, and are leaders in using innovative labs like Science Lab, Math Lab, English Lab, various Robotics labs Language Labs, robi and Virtual Lab methodologies for teaching our young students.

We request industry, schools, higher education institutes, and Vocational training institutes to participate in the digitalLEARNING’s special issue on Labs coming out in March 2012.

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