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Experts&rsquo: Invite All for PCF 6

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Invitation to one and all, for PCF6 by the leaders of the forum

“I have great pleasure and privilege for welcoming delegates all over the world for 6th Pan Commonwealth Forum on open learning. Today distance education has revolutionised methods of education, leading to a learning revolution all over the world and Indira Gandhi National Open University has millions of students all over the country, the remotest distant areas learning about the latest science and technology and all aspects of human Endeavour. This forum is going to be exceedingly important because it talks about successful examples, as well as access. How do we replicate successes, how do we convert unique into universal, how do we connect people in the remotest places. Numerous methods are available today for providing access to people at the remotest places. Therefore, the sharing of global experiences, sharing of knowledge at this platform will be fruitful for the area which is of vital concern to all the humankind, especially towards realisation of MDG.”

“On behalf of the Commonwealth Of Learning, which is organizing 6th Pan Commonwealth Forum with IndiraGandhi National Open University, I would like to welcome you warmly to attend this forum, in India. We are not so much interested in the technicalities of open and distance learning and technology mediated learning but at the impact of the use of those technologies in enhancing education training and learning generally. We are interested in their impact on four themes of the conference – expanding and enhancing formal education; attacking the vital area of skill development for millions of people who need to improve their skills in order to improve their livelihoods; development of communities because we live in communities and learning can make communities powerful; and fi nally, social justice which is a very important aspect of open learning, because by providing learning to general people one improves and increases justice in society.” — Sir John Daniel, Co-Chair, President & CEO of The Commonwealth of Learning

“Indira Gandhi National Open University is happy to announce the 6th Pan Commonwealth Forum, in collaboration with Commonwealth of Learning. The theme of the conference is ‘Access and Success Learning: Global Development Perspectives’. Experts and delegates from all Commonwealth countries are participating in this conference. Inclusive growth through inclusive education and educational agenda for growth and development are the main areas of dialogue and discussions in the conference. All the open universities and distance education providing institutes from India and the major world open universities from UK, Europe, China and South Asian countries are participating in this conference. As the Vice Chancellor of the host university IGNOU, I have great pleasure in welcoming you all to this very important international conference.” —Prof VN Rajasekharan Pillai, Co-Chair, Vice Chancellor IGNOU

“This is an invitation and welcome to all of you for 6th Pan Commonwealth Forum. The PCF event takes place every two years and this is the fi rst time that event is taking place at Kochi in Kerela, the southern most state of India. The 6th Pan Commonwealth Forum is themed ‘Access and Success Learning: Global Development Perspectives’. It has four main themes including social justice, community development, skills development and formal education. Normally we talk about access and opportunity but focus of this forum is success. Success of any learning including open and distance learning is only possible if we go for social justice through community development, which is possible only through skills development. When all the above factors are conducive one can go for formal education, reaching the highest levels.Therefore, the conference is important for all of you to attend, participate and exchange  your views and benefi t mutually.” —Prof PR Ramanujam, Programme Chair, Pro Vice-Chancellor IGNOU



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