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Institution Name: PES University

Institution Website: www.pes.edu

Institutional Postal Address: 100 feet ring road, Banashankari 3rd stage, Bangalore – 560085

Institutional GenreState Private University

Chairperson/President/Chancellor: Prof. D Jawahar

Vice-Chancellor/Director/Principal: Dr. K N Balasubramanya Murthy

Institution Social Footprints:

Establishment Year of the Institution:  1998

Total Number of Students Graduated since inception (Till June 2016): 22000

Accomplished Alumni of the Institution: Lakshmi Narasimhan – CEO, Data Collection India, Narasimha Suresh – Founder & CEO, Telebramha

Awards/Recognitions received by the Institution: PES University is India’s 7th most trusted institution, http://www.thehindu.com/features/education/pes-university-placed-seventh-on-the-list-of-indias-most-trusted-educational-institutes-201415/article6345145.ece

Ranking in various surveys/publications: AAAA+ in Careers360

Media Reports/Clippings:
http://news.pes.edu/congratulations-team-avions/, http://news.pes.edu/aatmatrisha-2016/

Status/Approach towards NBA/NAAC Accreditation: NAAC Accredited – Grade A, Score 3.21

Technology Enabled Administrative Systems & Processes and their impact on transparent governance: PCMS (Process change management system) – An online institutional level portal to take care of facilities operation. Every staff of PES will be given a user id and password with which they can log into the portal. Whenever any facility requirement turns up, the staff needs to submit the ticket through PCMS online which will be fulfilled and the ticket will be closed. The payment to all contractors and vendors will be done through the closed tickets thus ensuring transparency, accountability and meritocracy in the system. GEMS (Grade Evaluation Management System) – An online institutional level student database management system at PES. This will be used to store, monitor, measure, evaluate and analyze the performance of students academically whilst they are studying at PES and the portal will also send out important pointers to the parents of the students automatically based on pre-set conditions. Paperless Computer Based Internal tests – All the internal tests at PES for the students are computer based without the need for Paper and Pen. Evaluation is done through the software developed exclusively for PES, results are monitored, analyzed and suitable action is taken to amend the test pattern, teaching methods and the syllabus accordingly.

Learning ecosystem : The learning model at PES is based on the blooms taxonomy resulting in the understanding of the subject based on the outcome rather than focusing on the reproduction of taught content. The number of labs associated with each course is quite high along with top class infrastructure resulting in practical understanding of the subjects taught. The design of the curriculum is done taking into consideration the contemporary industrial and market scenario and recent advancements in S&T, thus making the our students industry ready when they graduate.

Audio-Visual Support Systems: Each and every classroom in our University is fitted with a camera and a 60-inch high definition television. The camera enables the monitoring staff to look into the teaching of the professors which will be taken up for evaluation in a timely manner by a qualified body. Also, the classes recorded will be uploaded onto the University website for students to look into and learn. There are more than 200 cameras in use at our University.

Digital academic content for reference: Our central library is enabled for E-learning with 60 computer systems to access. The students can access these systems which are enabled with high-speed internet access till 8 PM everyday. There is also technical database loaded onto these systems which can be readily accessed by the students.

Digital connectivity within campus: The entire campus is Wifi enabled. The speed of Wifi connectivity currently stands at 50 MBPS. Wifi is also available for students staying in the hostel on campus.

Simulators/laboratories catapulting hands-on experiential learning: We have live stock trading labs for the management students which gives them first-hand experience in trading. We have software application simulators and packages in all the domain areas of learning which the students can use to gain exposure to the working scenario in the real world.

Safety & Surveillance systems: The University has proper fire emergency system in place as per the government stipulations. There are more than 120 cameras fitted across the campus which monitors the activities in campus 24/7. Full-time professional security on campus. Full-time ambulance. Full-time counselor. Full-time doctor.

Innovative Areas for Future Ready Academic Infrastructure: Paperless internal assessments, GEMS system

Institutional policies for utilization of social media: The institution has always had an open and liberal policy when it comes to the social media publicity. We have a dedicated third party vendor regularly scouring the active developments at PES University and posting the same on all the social media platforms in all three forms (wording, Pictures and Videos). We also have a dedicated PES University faculty validating and verifying the information posted on the social media and updating the same to the Vice Chancellor on regular basis for the purpose of accountability and transparency.

Future Ready Academic Infrastructure: 200 plus cameras in classrooms, High definition TV in all classrooms, Highly equipped labs

Integrating ecosystem with hands-on learning experience: Everything in PES is designed to make the student think about a problem with a pragmatic approach. Be it the design of its buildings, the graffeti on the campus or the campus landscape, everything inspires the students to think in a structured, logical way placing the focus on the solution of a problem.

Exposure index of students: PES encourages its students to visit various sources to find a solution to a problem rather than get them all at one place. The process of making sure that the students are aware of all the arena’s outside used for enhancing the students exposure of activities in outside world has been encouraged by PES for long.

Excursions or expo visits organized for hands-on exposure: Every year, the final year students will be taken to at least 2 industrial visits. The 3rd year students are also encouraged to pursue summer programs with the 8 foreign Universities that we are tied up with to get international exposure about the technology and culture.

Means of media and entertainment for enhanced learning experience: Interactive learning is enabled through the online educational portals which the PES encourages. Also, the use of Youtube and other online infotainment portals are encouraged by PES to enhance the learning experience of its students.

Co-Curricular activities intertwined for augmenting learning outcomes: All the co-curricular activities at PES are used to enhance experience of a student which will ultimately help them in their careers in more ways than one. Team building skills, event management skills, leadership skills, public speaking skills etc… are some of them which are inculcated into our students enabling them to face the world with confidence when they leave us.

Teaching-learning philosophy for making learning fun: The faculty of PES always use myriad of concepts to make the learning interactive. Use of videos in TV’s of classrooms, scaled models, 3D visualization videos, Industry role play etc… are some of the methods used to enrich the learning experience of students.

Increasing relevance for overall learning matrix: PES has set us a governing body which consists of highly experienced luminaries from the industry, academia and research domains who play a key role in shaping the subject details which will be studied by the students. Thus, making sure that the subjects taught and inline with the current industry requirements.

Conducting typical classroom session and documenting  its end learning outcomes: A classroom session starts with the faculty wearing the microphone around their neck to record the lecture along with the start of the camera located at the back of the classroom. The regular lecture follows resulting in the capture of AV of the same. Once the lecture is done, it is scrutinized by a dedicated staff and uploaded onto the website for the students to access.

Promoting and institutionalizing Peer learning: Group discussions and team learning is encouraged at PES to a large extent. The extended week day program is conducted at PES to make sure that the students from all the domains get together and discuss their ideas and find out if practical solutions to pragmatic problems can be churned out through interdisciplinary thinking.

Learning outcomes prioritized and planned: The students do that from their end and approach us with their priorities after which the Vice Chancellor will nominate a suitable faculty for the student to correspond with. This will help us to identify the students who are driven, focused and motivated and at the same time helping us to nominate the right faculty as the point of contact for the right student.

Meeting learning needs of different learners: PES has a set of processes which helps us with this. The Campus Wide Quality Improvement Program (CWQIP), Gifted Student Development Program (GSDP), Total Student Development Program (TSDP) and Student Academic Support Program (SASP) helps us to understand the learning needs of the students better and reciprocate in the appropriate fashion.

Any measurable systems to document the career advancement of learners: bi-annual alumni meet will be conducted for this purpose wherein the alumni of PES from across the globe participate resulting in networking, sharing of ideas etc… in this juncture, PES takes the opportunity to find out about how are alumni are faring in the industry outside and any notable achievements will be documented and promoted.

Counseling & Career guidance systems: A full-time counselor is available on campus. Also, we send the students to the respective domain heads to gain better information about the market scenario and the things needed to improve upon to reach the target.

Communicating set of career opportunities in Public Sector etc to Students: We do that by announcing such opportunities through our website microsite and also we communicate the same through the department levels by the HoD’s.

Institution orienting itself for learned professional from local to regional to national to global strata: PES has been a reliable and quality provider of skilled employees to the industry for a long time among all the sectors. Since PES mainly focuses on Engineering, the employees to the organizations from PES will start off from the bottom of the pyramid and start climbing the corporate ladder gradually. As of today, the alumni of PES can be seen in all the prominent organizations across the globe in all levels.


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