3D Technology in Education: A Game-Changer

There are numerous advantages to using 3D technology in education. 3D technology is one tool that helps pupils better understand and perceive things in our present educational system. Saras-3D, Inc’s Founder & CEO, Bipin Dama, even says that 3D technology improves students’ academic achievement. Excerpts

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AIIMS has released a new exam schedule

The Institute of National Importance Combined Entrance Test (INI-CET) has been rescheduled for July 2021, according to AIIMS. The tests will be held on July 22nd, according to the announcement.

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JEE and NEET entrance tests decision will be made soon: Ministry of Education

According to officials, the Ministry of Education is anticipated to decide soon whether to hold the two remaining editions of the engineering entrance examination JEE-Mains and the medical entrance examination NEET in August.

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Yoga and meditation are extremely beneficial to students

As it has done throughout history, the hunt for new and improved educational approaches continues. It appears that a breakthrough is about to occur with the discovery and use of yoga. The scientific understanding of the operations of the various sides of the brain has aided the cause of yoga and awareness growth.

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What Are the Real-World Applications of Statistics?

Statistics has a bad reputation for being a boring and difficult subject. However, the skill of collecting, organising, analysing, and reporting data has come in real handy for humanity. There are an endless number of possibilities with statistics if we just apply it correctly.

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