Ministries launch e-Learning Jamaica Project

Ministries launch e-Learning Jamaica Project

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The Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture, in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce, Science and Technology, Jamaica launched its e-Learning Jamaica Project. The project seeks to introduce multimedia projectors, CDs, DVDs and other information communication technologies (ICTs) as an integral part of the learning environment in classrooms.

According to Prime Minister P.J. Patterson, “The e-Learning project is the next vital element in our strategy to transform this country and achieve sustained development”. Patterson said e-Learning will improve students' capacity for continuing education, increase their readiness for the global community and enhance the national profile and marketability in the international arena. The Prime Minister said the Government recognised the critical role of education in reducing poverty and achieving sustainable national development, but emphasised that the process must go beyond simply changing the medium for the delivery of education, to addressing the content of education. The project, initiated by Technology Minister Phillip Paulwell, will be implemented on a phased basis over the next three to four years and will target students in grades seven to 11 in all 150 high schools islandwide. The Technology Ministry allocated $50 million from the Technical Investment Fund for the project while additional funding was received from the Universal Access Fund .

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