Elets Digital Learning, Asia and the Middle East’s premier magazine on innovation in education is launching its exclusive Special Ranking 2024 issue spotlighting educational excellence in Maharashtra. Through rigorous research and analysis, we reveal the top 30 schools that have set benchmarks for academic excellence and innovation in the state. The special edition will be unveiled at the 4th Elets School Education Innovation Summit on April 12th in Pune.

Be part of this exciting edition by showcasing your institution's achievements, as we explore the forefront of digital learning advancements and much more. You can also advertise with us to strengthen your brand, reaching premium stakeholders in the education sector.

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Top 30 Schools of Maharashtra Ranking 2024

Maharashtra's educational framework is undergoing a major overhaul with the adoption of a Credit-Based System as part of the new State Curriculum Framework (SCF), effective from the academic year 2024-25. Ninth and eleventh graders will be expected to accumulate 40 credits from six required subjects over 1,200 academic hours.

Considering the upward trend in Maharastra’s educational sector, the Digital Learning magazine is coming up with the "Top 30 Schools of Maharashtra Ranking 2024" which emerges as a critical milestone, offering a comprehensive overview of the schools that are leading the way in excellence, innovation, and student outcomes in Maharastra. This prestigious ranking serves as a guide for parents, educators, and policymakers alike, showcasing the institutions that are not just adapting to the evolving educational landscape but are setting new benchmarks for quality and achievement.

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