Internet-ready Access Centres

Internet-ready Access Centres

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Internet-ready Access Centres costing more than RM70mil in total are being set up in 1,500 schools around Malaysia.

Access Centres would be similar in concept to cybercafes, although its usage would focus on learning and to allow students to work on their assignments. It is different from the existing computer labs which is used to teach certain subjects. The centres will be a separate room from the labs, as the labs will be needed to conduct lessons.

Under the first phase, 1,500 schools would be provided with 15,000 personal computers and 1,500 printers as well as the necessary furniture and infrastructure. Another 12,900 computers would be provided to 1,290 schools next year. With the Access Centres, the ratio of computers to students in schools would be decreased allowing students to be more exposed to information and communication technologies (ICT). To date 84 primary and secondary schools in the rural areas of Sabah and Johor have been equipped with Access Centres.

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