Intel, Morocco

Intel, Morocco

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Intel Corporation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ministry of Education of Morocco to develop the second phase 'Intel Teach Program'.


This professional development-training programme will provide appropriate information and communication technology, teacher training, relevant content and connectivity in the North African curriculum. MoE and Intel will train 3000 of the education pre-services teachers by using the localised Moroccan version of the Intel Teach training manuals. As a part of Intel's World Ahead Program, the company is investing more than $1 billion worldwide in a broad new programme. The main aim of Intel Teach Program is to help students develop the thinking skills they will need in order to participate and succeed in a knowledge-based economy. The program also incorporates use of the Internet, Web page design, and student projects as vehicles to powerful learning. The program offers strategies to develop digital literacy, creativity, higher-order thinking, communications and collaboration skills. 

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