Microsoft’s launches programme for local communities in India

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Microsoft has launched a programme for local communities to enable them to use information technology as a tool to their development.

Under the project, Unlimited Potential Programme or Project Jyoti, Community Technology Learning Centres (CTLCs) would be set up in both rural and urban areas, where women, youth, and children would be trained in basic computer operations. After the completion of the programme, a certificate for qualification would be given to the students. In the first phase of the programme, CTLCs would be set up in community centres, school, housing facility, where people can learn about computers. The company is planning to set up more than 550 CTLCs across the country to train approximately 40,000 people. Microsoft has partnered with NGOs like SEWA, MS Swaminathan foundation (MSSRF), NASSCOM Foundation to set up CTLCs across the country.


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