NKC plans to connect all knowledge institutions of India

NKC plans to connect all knowledge institutions of India

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The chairman of the National Knowledge Commission (NKC), Sam Pitroda said that networking of all knowledge institutions in India is one of the best outcomes of the NKC.

While presenting the commission's first report, he said that, the Indian government has started to coordinate for the creation of the National Knowledge Network with gigabit capabilities. NKC is planning to interconnect all universities, libraries, laboratories, hospitals and agricultural institutions in order to share data and resources across the country. The network will connect some 5,000 nodes covering all major institutions. In the first phase of the project around 500 to 1,000 nodes could be set up across the country. Among the many things that the network seeks to achieve is to provide institutions with access speeds of 100 mbps and higher to enhance collaborations both within and outside the country.

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