DepEd, Philippines launches Cyber Ed Project for public schools

DepEd, Philippines launches Cyber Ed Project for public schools

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The Education Department of Philippines (DepEd) has launched Cyber Ed Project that uses satellite technology to provide an efficient and cost-effective solutions to the delivery of educational services in public elementary and secondary schools nationwide.

Cyber Ed links schools to a nationwide network, which provides 12 video channels, wireless wide area networking, local area networking and wireless Internet connectivity. The project aims to significantly increase the DepEd's capacity to achieve quality education reform. Under this project, a total of 37,794 schools or 90 percent of all public schools nationwide will be connected in the next three years. These schools will receive live broadcasts featuring lectures and presentations from master teachers as well as course wares on demand and other valuable resource materials. DepEd's Cyber Ed Project is based on China's e-Education Project which covers some 500,000 schools and universities.

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