Students to use mobile phones for e-learning

Students to use mobile phones for e-learning

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More than nine hundred students in the north of England are about to take part in a project, which uses mobile phone to learn and be accessed on their network.

The Assessment and Learning in Practice Settings (ALPS), a collaborative programme between five higher education institutions, is running the first major project to use mobile technology to improve higher education assessment techniques and student skills. T-Mobile MDA Varios would be given to the 900 health and social care students for mobile learning and assessments during work placements. Using T-Mobile's Web'n'walk service, students can also use the mobile to access learning resources from a central virtual learning repository and can reflect on their work experience on a blog built into the assessment programme. Assessors will use the system to log in to a secure area, connected to the university's virtual learning environment teaching and business systems, to record and store the student's assessment.

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