AR Lifelong Learning Project

AR Lifelong Learning Project

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The Lifelong Learning and Training Project in Argentina aims at supporting the Government of Argentina to consolidate, strengthen, and increase the coverage of a lifelong learning and competency-based training system for disadvantaged adults 18 years or older with the objectives for those who participate of: (i) enhancing employability and (ii) strengthening career ladder opportunities.

The project has several components whose primary focus is to expand and strengthen competency-based training and certification. This will achieved by establishing in 30 economic sectors, competency-based training and certification systems, through development, validation and registration of occupational norms; training and certification of evaluators; and ensuring the functioning o f qualified third-party assessment centers and certification organizations; aligning the supply of training with the competency-based approach and strengthen professional training institutes; and training, assessing and certifying workers. Another component supported by the project is to develop the workforce skills of disadvantaged workers, this contains the following key elements: making qualifications more transparent and portable through the processes of setting standards by employers and workers, and evaluating and certifying competencies; moving non-formal training to a modular, competency-based, standards-driven system in order to link better training offered and market demand; promoting quality, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness among trainers, trainees and workers through testing, certification and accreditation; and offer “second chances” so that youth and adults can recover from bad starts in learning.

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