NKC suggests regulation of fee structure in private schools

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The National Knowledge Commission (NKC) has suggested few regulations on fee structure of private schools in India.

In a letter to Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, NKC Chairman Sam Pitroda stated that there is a need of attention in terms to ensure a transparent admission process, regulation of fee structures as well as meeting minimum set standards for quality of teaching and infrastructure. There should be transparent, norm-based and straight forward procedures for the recognition of private schools to reduce harassment and bureaucratic delay. He suggested that there should be a transparent criteria for disbursement of aid from the government to self-financing schools, especially those which cater to underprivileged children. He also proposed a evaluation body at the national level to monitor the quality of both government and private schools, using a result-based monitoring framework at different levels. Referring to deprived categories, Pitroda said education of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes children must be a priority.


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