Times of India launches 'Teach India' campaign

Times of India launches ‘Teach India’ campaign

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The 'Times of India' brings you a chance to give back what you've learnt, calling upon educated Indians like us to help teach underprivilged children though the “Teach India” campaign.

“Teach India” is an initiative by 'The Times of India' to help provide an equal opportunity for education to underprivileged children.

The aim of “Teach India” is to provide a platform to educated Indians to provide assistance in basic education to the unprivileged children.

“Teach India” will connect educated individuals with the specialist education providers.

'The Times of India' has tied up with select NGOs in the field of education in multiple cities across India.

Participants have to devote just 2 hours a day to teach underprivileged children, either in a formal environment or even informal teaching like story telling.

Grab the opportunity to meet the who's who from the world of education. Join us for World Education Summit in New Delhi on 9-10th August 2018. It will be a wonderful occasion to explore business opportunities. Like us on Facebook, connect with us on LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter.

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