Signs of Progress in the Education System

Signs of Progress in the Education System

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With this year's Education Fair approaching at the beginning of November, education and ‎training providers from all over the world will gather in Tripoli, Libya, hoping to attract students ‎to their institutes. Students from all over Libya will in turn be hustling and bustling from ‎one stand to another trying to find an appropriate university that suits them and that will ‎accept them.‎ Talking to many foreign educational establishments at last year's Education Libya fair ‎and at the ELTEX education fair earlier this year, it became clear that although many ‎students had obtained the much sought after financial grant to obtain a degree abroad, ‎many will not be successful.‎

The reason is that many students don't have a good enough standard of English to get ‎them accepted by respected universities. Other students' English language level is so ‎weak, that it would take them more than the 1 year pre-sessional English language ‎training offered by many universities to help ensure overseas students can fully ‎participate in higher education programmes taught in English. ‎Universities with reputations to protect are resisting the temptation to boost their fee ‎income, at the expense of admitting foreign students who haven't got the English ‎language skills to make the most of the academic opportunity and experience. ‎


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