Storage upgradation for all file types by Goolge Docs
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Storage upgradation for all file types by Goolge Docs

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Now 1 free gigabytes of storage in the online suite of word processing, spreadsheets, and other commonly-used programs, and each file can be as large as 250 megabytes will be available to the Google Docs users. Unlimited storage for the files that were automatically converted into the Docs format was already offered by Google. With the change, Google Docs also will store files in their original format, and only those will count toward the limit.

This is the latest initaitive that Google has taken to make it easier, cheaper, and more convenient to store information in its data centers instead of on individual computers in homes, schools, and offices. 'Cloud Computing' is what the above is method is usually labelled as by many. Google and Microsoft Corporation have battled in recent months over student and education customers with an offering of free programs and services designed for anytime, anywhere access.

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