Glimpse of Europe at DU
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Glimpse of Europe at DU

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A film festival is to be hosted by Delhi University (DU), showcasing movies on music from countries like Bulgaria, Croatia, Russia and Poland. The event, titled 'Little Europe 2010 – Melody and Lyrics,' runs from October 20-27. The first film to be screened on October 20 is “Big Beat”, a Czech film on the rock 'n' roll revolution in Prague. The movie shows how music can change an entire generation.

Among the other films to the screened is a Croatian movie “Sleep Sweet, My Darling”, a sentimental comedy; a Russian film “We are Jazzmen” about the beginning of jazz in the country and a Hungarian film “Made in Hungary” about a young talented musician. The films are open for view, for all and would have english subtitles alongside for convenience of the audience.

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