Creating a new paradigm in agriculture

Creating a new paradigm in agriculture

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There has been substantial growth in agricultural productivity in India after the dawn of Independence. We adopted diverse methods of scientific agriculture for achieving this progress. Many strategies were based on the fruits of agricultural research undertaken under the auspices of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research. The stories of Indian famines are a thing of the past. The saga of the Green Revolution is a matter of pride for us. But we have to go further ahead. It is often said that the share of agriculture in the economic growth of the country shows a downward trend, despite the fact that the majority of our work force is engaged in agriculture. We have to improve our agricultural productivity, maintaining the environment for sustainable development. Given the fixity of land, research in agriculture is the key factor for enhancing productivity. Efforts have to be participatory, since the implementation of research findings depends to a large extent on the approach of farmers. 'Farmer First' is the vibrant slogan in any activity related to agriculture. ICAR plays a major role in facing the complex challenges in the field. It keeps a committed drive for positive steps including R&D, and technological innovations.


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