Primary school admissions now a concern

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To avert a major admissions crisis this September, mobile classrooms are being installed in playgrounds as the council of England is forced to expand schools. The necessity of this process is reportedly because of the rise in birth rate and influx of migrants in some areas. To top it all, the problem seems to reach its crisis point in the next four years as the students aged between four to five continue to grow. In London, where the pressure is most acute, some 64,500 primary school places are needed, while Bristol must create another 3,000 reception places. Other towns and cities such as Swindon, Luton, Southend, Coventry, Rotherham, Bournemouth, Darlington, Poole, Eastbourne and Leeds confirmed they planned to create extra capacity in the local area. Essex said 420 places were needed over the next four years at a cost of


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