Evernote launches Skitch for Android
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Evernote launches Skitch for Android

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Evernote has announced the acquisition of popular image annotation application Skitch. The announcement marks Evernote's first acquisition and first major expansion in its set of products aimed at helping individuals capture their memories, ideas and experiences. Skitch co-founders Cris Pearson and Keith Lang will join Evernote to lead Skitch development and growth.

Evernote also announced the launch of Skitch for Android, the first Skitch mobile application. Intuitive, fun and easy-to-use, Skitch on Mac and Android allow users to capture, annotate and share images. Once annotated, images can be easily shared with Evernote, as well as other applications and services.

Evernote has a long history of developing handwriting recognition and digital ink. The addition of Skitch allows for a dramatic expansion of these capabilities. Today, Evernote and Skitch work well together

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