The Digi-content Enabler
June 2012

The Digi-content Enabler

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Digi-content has been yielding good results for its adopters feels Anshul Sonak, President – Corporate, Core Education and Technologies Ltd

Your take on the level of e-Content adoption by Indian schools.

The education fraternity is fast becoming aware of the importance of content support and gradually adopting the same. It is only a matter of time for the school management community completely adopting the e content based education system. Also with adoption of new technology tools like 3d and tablets for 1:1 virtual education is increasing the e-content adoption

What kind of solution you provide to schools.

Core enables collaboration and best practice teaching methods within schools, local education authorities and school clusters. We offer developed content in collaboration with University of Oxford to enhance instructional capabilities and classroom efficiency, lesson and attendance control.

Challenges faced in convincing school management about the benefits of e-content.

Earlier there was a general apathy to advanced technologies in education but now the situation is different with the state and public both understanding the need for contextualizing education for revamping the education system in India.

In your opinion, why should every school go for e-content learning system?

Every school should focus on 21st century education transformation goals to make their students better poised to succeed in new world we are in. A strong research driven content coupled with whole school reform philosophy and strong teacher quality focus will be very critical for any change.

Your best selling e-Content solution for schools; kind of innovations for future use.

We have leadership solutions in research driven STEM, literacy and career tech content besides cognitive growth solutions and formative assessment tools that we deploy worldwide including India. We are also enhancing our e-content portfolio by introducing more gesture based computing content solutions, immersive 3d content, advanced STEM solutions.

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