Digital Education is a Game Changer in Rural Schools
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Digital Education is a Game Changer in Rural Schools

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Monica Mehan,
Principal, DAV, Khera Khurd

Determination and innovation can lead to vast improvements in education

We have the story of a DAV school in the rural outskirts of Khera Khurd that was on the verge of being shut down, but it revived itself by facing challenges head on. It brings to light the fact that limited resources and finances cannot deter a school from making progress. The major challenge is to see the students who are way below the poverty line as an excellent human resource with least TV and computer distractions.
The school’s tag line was changed to: connecting pathways from rural to global. Children were made to sing prayers in English to encourage them to develop global awareness and also improve their pronunciation. The school also took the step of joining hands with the Faith to Face programme so that video conferencing could be done in school.
The school also took to ICT for improving its quality of education. Finances were a major concern and various ways were found to innovatively use the resources to its full capacity without any financial burden. Teachers created blogs and uploaded syllabus for the students to access. On the mandate of CBSE, they launched a website which too was free of cost.
Many innovative ideas were also implemented – like using open software for creating worksheets, Skype for interacting with other DAV schools and usage of YouTube for finding information on chapters and projects. The bottom line is that with determination all kinds of obstacles can be overcome.

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