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Dr Dheeraj Mehrotra,
VP-Academic Training, Next Education

Not every teacher is capable of taking care of the needs of special children

Assistive Learning Technology makes life easy for person with disability. The term ‘Assistive’ means something that provides  assistance. The Assistive Technology in the context of education refers to any piece of equipment, or system that is used to increase,  maintain or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. India faces a massive scarcity of such solutions.

Problems addressed by Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology can address many type of learning difficulties. A student who has difficulty in writing can compose a school  report by dictating it and having it converted to text by special software. A child who struggles with the subject of mathematics can  use a hand-held calculator to keep scores while playing a game with a friend. And a teenager with dyslexia may benefit from Assistive  Technologies that will read aloud his employer’s online training manual. In fact, there are Assistive Technology tools to help students  with almost every type of learning disability.

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