Creating Innovative Models in Education and Assessments: Best Practices and Next Practices

Creating Innovative Models in Education and Assessments: Best Practices and Next Practices

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The session threw light on what our model of education should have: let the student achieve what he actually wants to achieve, and scale it and speed up the process through which he is going to achieve. We need to develop knowledge assets rather than students with just a degree. Today’s students have to be the investors of tomorrow
Dev, Director & CEO, Holy Mary Business School

What exactly is one thing which is a necessity for success? In the last one decade, innovation has been the driver of success for any individual, organisation or country. In India, the oldest system we have is education. And education is innovation.

Brig Dr R S Grewal, Vice Chancellor, Chitkara University

In India, we are still into multiple choice questions, which is just a refinement of the paper-pencil model. To design a good computer-based question paper, there are two basic requirements: the teachers’ command over the English language and proficiency of the students in the language. If these go wrong, you lose the basic objective of finding out whether the student has learnt or not.

Dr Sr Alphonsa Vattoly, St Francis College for Women

The students are really good at the innovations introduced in the higher education learning process. They only need a good exposure to the learning environment and our effort is to introduce them to such an environment.


Prof Dr G Tulasi Ram Das, Vice Chancellor, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University

A beautiful educational landscape with technology-driven solutions is ahead of us. It will make the learning process in the four walls of the classrooms interesting.

Amarnath Reddy, CEO, Jawahar Knowledge Center, AP Society for Knowledge NetworksAbout two and a half lakh engineers pass out every year. We cannot give jobs to all of them. We need to create more opportunities by making more entrepreneurs.

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