December 2012

Transformatory Practices in Technical Education: Engineering for the Knowledge Economy

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Engineering still follows the same standards  in education. The time has come to sit back, brainstorm and see what can be done to be in tune with the needs of today. The session talked about enhancing the employability of engineering students and introducing instructional design in education. Research needs to be the focus area because it drives teaching.

Prof V S Rao, Director, BITS Hyderabad Campus
I want to request the AICTE and other organisations concerned with engineering education to seriously think about the engineering practices, overhauling the curriculum, changing the pedagogy and addressing the problems of the faculty. You cannot transform engineering education without transforming your faculty. Meritorious students should be identified and sent to excellent universities abroad to do research and come back and teach in India. Priority should also be given to giving rewarding for educational innovations.


Prof U B Desai, Director, IIT Hyderabad
One of the things that needs to be brought into our education system is a lot more emphasis on innovation, research and development, entrepreneurship, and creative design because no engineering development is ever going to hit the market unless creative design goes into it. There has to be a focus on engineering education where we do not simply talk about the pedagogy of education, but instill in our students that they have to be job creators and not job seekers.


Dr N M Veeraiyan, Chancellor, Saveetha University
We need to have project-based learning methodology and industry-oriented interdisciplinary courses for moulding competent professionals. The changing characteristics of the new generation have to be considered in designing innovative teaching methodologies. Higher education course material needs to be aligned with the industry requirements. Contemporay skills training, that suit the demands of the industry, will help provide employment and accentuate the growth of the economy.

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