Alternative Assessment Strategies and Innovative Approaches in Evaluation
January 2013

Alternative Assessment Strategies and Innovative Approaches in Evaluation

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Alternative assessment is a form of student performance grading that allows for a more holistic approach for student assessment over the traditional form. With this kind of assessment, students are enabled to provide their own responses rather than simply selecting from a given list of options. The session delved upon best practices and innovative ways of assessments in classrooms

Dr Basheerhamad Shadrach, Country Director, TESS-India, Open University, UK The Open University, UK, works with different organisations in many ways, by providing courses, collaborating on new curriculum, validating programmes, and sharing expertise to help other distance learning ventures become  stablished. The focus for all our collaborative ventures is on finding new ways to fulfil our mission of opening up educational opportunities to more people at more places.


Mohit Yadav, Director, Annie Besant School, Indore In the times to come, the evaluation process will have to have more of assessment so that examination does not become scoring just a grade or marks, but a tool for teachers to understand students, and for students, a better way to understand themselves.


Rajesh Awasthi, Principal, Choithram School, Indore At times, evaluation becomes more qualitative as compared to assessment. So, if we add quality to the assessment it will lead to evaluation, but ultimately, the focus should be on attaining some basic skills, which will help a student in expressing his ideas and work. Grading and giving marks to the student should not be the only criteria to evaluate a student, we must also focus on skills development.


Dr Michael Harnar, Mosaic Network, US Evaluation does have some sort of participatory element, participatory process has three major dimensions – selection of the people, depth of their involvement, and control over evaluation.

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