School Educators – Anil Sharma, Principal, Birla Vidyamandir, Nainital
February 2014

School Educators – Anil Sharma, Principal, Birla Vidyamandir, Nainital

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dlAnil Sharma, Principal
Birla Vidyamandir, Nainital

Sports are of cardinal importance in students’ life as it ensures that the energy of the growing adolescents is released in a creative manner
Pedagogy –
Our emphasis has been not in confining the teaching to the classroom but to take it beyond the four walls. Working models, projects and practical learning are an integral part of the teaching-learning process.
Infrastructure –
We have added new classrooms for senior students, built new labs and a dining hall among others. Teachers’ Training – Besides collective sessions conducted by the resource persons both from India and abroad, we have been sending teachers for workshops and seminars on various issues.
Technology –
ICT has given an opportunity to the teachers to be more innovative and not to remain at what may better be termed as pedagogical template. It has been instrumental in making learning an ever refreshing experience.
Sports – We are equipped with a wide range of outdoor diversions.

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