February 2014

School Educators – N Krishnaveni, Principal, St Mary’s High School, Hyderabad

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ICT fosters inventiveness, open mindedness and creativity

Pedagogy: The traditional way of teaching through chalk & talk and the students being mere spectators or rather silent listeners, has been challenged and changed with some serious pedagogical changes in our school. We have brought in Learning Advancements like – e-learning, online testing and Hands on learning.

Infrastructure: Our focus is on the continuous improvement of the facilities available for students & Parents comfort. We have eLearning supplies like projector, science lab etc as infrastructure.

Teachers’ Training: We make sure in conducting learning opportunity sessions by inviting industry experts to talk to the teachers.

Technology: Foster inventiveness, open mindedness, creativity and collaborative problem solving

Sports: We provide regular physical training classes and also make sure that our students participate in their favorite sports at district or state level competitions and others.

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