School Educators – Rita Kaul, Principal, The Millennium School, Noida
February 2014

School Educators – Rita Kaul, Principal, The Millennium School, Noida

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Parents want their children to be more dynamic, skill oriented, and strong in communication

Pedagogy – Our school has a strong pedagogical philosophy based on Piaget’s developmental milestones, which has made it possible for our facilitators and students to learn in collaboration, think and solve problem critically, adapt to various environmental challenges, take initiative and have spontaneous access to the information available globally.

Infrastructure – There are activity rooms for the students at a younger level- cognitive room, fine motor room, gross motor room, personal awareness room, language room, socio-emotional room.

Teachers’ Training – We keep the teachers updated by conducting workshops on multiple intelligence (MI), quality circle time (QCT), blooms taxonomy, total quality management, making learning visible, various learning disabilities, inclusive education, project based learning and team building.

Technology – We have smart classes, (CMPC) class mate personal computers enable the students to connect to the world and to their peer group globally. Differentlyabled children, including spastic and autistic children gained immensely from ICT initiatives in our school.

Sports – We offer swimming, taekwondo, skating, basket ball, table Tennis, Badminton etc., besides that PEC programme has right from the initial stages helped our students tremendously.


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