VIT University students create robot to climb up and down the stairs

VIT University students create robot to climb up and down the stairs

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Students of VIT University in Vellore have come up with a new creation of an autonomous robot that can climb up and down the stairs. With the purpose to deliver packages in multi-storey buildings, the students have developed this robot. Since multi-storey buildings require number of human couriers to transfer files and packages, so using a robot to perform the task would reduce the cost operations of businesses housed in such buildings.

Two final year students from the school of electrical engineering developed this robot under the guidance of faculty member Mathew Mithra Noel.

The students stated that to create such a robot is a challenge, since it has to climb up and down the stairs without falling while simultaneously following a line on the floor for guidance.

The robot has been build at a cost of Rs 25,000 with an additional Rs 12,000 for manufacturing. It is based on a supervised model. The Chancellor of VIT, G Viswanathan stated that the university is open to encourage its students to invest and become entrepreneurs.

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