Cut-paste approach to end at IIM-C

Cut-paste approach to end at IIM-C

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The cut-paste approach will no longer be appreciated at the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIM-C). Worried about the increasing tendency by students to copy from the Internet and other sources, the IIM-C has adopted a specialised software to check plagiarism.

The software named ‘Turnitin’ has the ability to compare documents submitted by students with papers, thesis and reports that are already online or those, which are earlier submitted by the previous batches of students. It can also determine how much of the work is original and how much of it is copied.

IIM-C professor, Prashant Mishra and former Chairperson of the post-graduation programme (PGP) stated that if a student is found to submit work which is not original, then there are penal provisions in accordance with the institute’s policy on plagiarism.


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