A digital cloud of your own

A digital cloud of your own

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We all have at some point of time carried bundles of certificates and their attested photo-copies to our various visits to government offices. No longer. Under the instructions from Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself, the information and technology department is working on creating a ‘digital cloud’ for every Indian wherein, all the certificates issued by the government — education, residential, medical records, birth certificates etc — are to be stored in individual ‘digital lockers’ and a communication protocol established for government departments to access them without physically having to see the hard copy.

This way, a student applying for a government college after having studied in a government school will have all his details such as birth certificate, identity details and educational certificates, school-leaving details et al, already available with the college authorities.

The idea will be floated on MyGov.in portal where suggestions will be sought for working out a “communication protocol” or what is called an applications programming interface ( API) will be solicited.

The portal has already proved to be a big hit. As of now, more than 2 lakh people have registered on it. Ideas for Digital India have received the maximum number of suggestions, followed by Clean India and job creation on the website

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