DL 150 Issue

digitalLEARING, the Asia and Middle East & first and only magazine on innovation in education, is all set toreach an important milestone when it will take out its 150 magazine issue in July 2018. The long journey since 2006 couldn’t have been possible without its invaluable millions of readers and distinguished personalities featuring in every issue over the years.

As part of the celebrations, digitalLEARNING magazine & portal http://digitallearning.eletsonline.comwhich attracted more than 1.28 million views in 2018 so far has created a new section in the portal where weare inviting articles from Industry Leaders like you, who have helped India to innovate and deliver the best practices in education sector through the use of Information Communication Technology.

As you are aware since 2006, digitalLEARNING has featured and highlighted views and opinions of Thought Leaders, Policymakers and Industry Leaders through articles, interviews and case

studies and tried to document success stories of digitalLEARNING across the world. digitalLEARNING is on the verge of coming up with its historical 150th issue, an unparallel milestone for any other organisation in Asia and Middle East. 150th issue of digitalLEARNING will look at past issues with:

Featured Ministers & Policymakers

Featured International Thought Leaders

Featured Industry Leaders

Featured owners, chancellors, vice-chancellors, directors and registrars of higher educational institutes

Featured Owners and Principals of schools and preschools.

The special issue of digitalLEARNING will also look at present innovations and the best practices ineducation landscape of India ad world. So, if you are passionate about Digital Transformation, be a partof digitalLEARNING’s Celebration!

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