Asia & Middle east’s premier monthly magazine on innovation in education since 2005. digitalLEARNING’s mission is to raise awareness about how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is playing a seminal role in enhancing the scope, reach and quality of education.

In essence, digitalLEARNING offers an unbiased presentation of the myriad issues that lie at the core of this‘technological innovations in education’ versus ‘traditional educational methods’ debate.

The magazine reports from a complete 360° perspective – through high-quality print and online formats, newsletters, social networking outlets, and prestigious events, summits and conferences on education. In the crowded field of educational publications, digitalLEARNING stands out because of its useful, bold and analytical coverage.

With up-to-the-minute reports on latest developments in education, insightful commentary on the new ICT innovations, and novel perspectives on traditional teaching tools, digitalLEARNING aims to be your first stop for what’s new and what’s next in education.

Readership Profile:

•Students, teachers, parents, faculty
•Educational institutions, policy institutions, R&D organizations
•K-12 sector, higher education institutes, vocational and skills training institutes
•Government department, ministries, NGOs
•CEO, CIOs, IT industry leaders and practitioners
•Regulatory bodies including NAAC, AICTE, UGC, NBA , DEC etc
•Academicians, students, researchers, administrators
•Donors, funding organizations, international bodies
•Corporates in the Education Sector, IT vendor

We proudly share our numbers:

Total Issues: 12 monthly issues
Total print circulation of DL: 60,000
Monthly online subscription: 1,25,000
Newsletter subscribers: 3,00,000
Total Readership: 3,50,000
Page views per month: 1 Million+
Monthly unique visitors: 3,50,000
Market Covered: In Asia & The Middle East

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