digitalLEARNING announces Pre-Schools Special in November 2013

Pre-Schools: Poised towards Growth in India

“Our system of education has three aspects. It leads to the development of the mind, the body and the soul”, is being rightly quoted by Mahatma Gandhi. While the foundation of these three core components are being laid at the very stage when the little one enters into a pre-school. On the Global front, pre-schools are called as the day-care centers while in India they are perceived as early training grounds for children to develop skills.

With a realisation that a mind is a fire to be kindled, not a vessel to be filled, Pre-School Education in India is growing at a massive rate of 35% year on year, oppose to the Indian Economy growth rate of 7-8%. As reported by Ernst & Young, the market size of the industry is projected to be more than USD 1 billion by 2013.  The significance of this very industry can be measured by the very fact that it occupies the 3rd largest expenditure group in the Indian household.

The major share of growth in this industry is being shared by the upcoming franchisees and the localised pre-school chains.






Untapped Market Operational Challenges Corporate Investments 
Increase in disposable Income Large Unorganised Sector Rapid expansion of pre-schools
Improvement in Quality   Mergers & Acquisitions 
Change in Urban Lifestyle   Upgrading to K 12 sectors 
Awareness in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities    
Ease of Neighborhood    

The Future: Pre-Schools  in India

A Crisil research reported, that the pre-school growth is expected to touch Rs 13,300 crore by 2015-16, out of which branded pre-schools are expected to contribute about Rs 4,500 crore. Adding to which, the Indian Education Investment Report 2013, published by integrated franchise solution company, Franchise India estimates that the number of pre-schools in India will reach close to 33,000 mark by the end of 2015, thereby reporting a growth of 26 per cent annually.

Feature Your Brand in digital LEARNING Pre-School Special

digitalLEARNING magazine is pleased to announce a comprehensive Pre-School Special issue in the month of November 2013. The Issue would take a 360 degree approach, while dissecting the expanding Pre-school Industry in India, thereby, profiling the major players and bringing forth the blueprint of models being adopted by the top chains, aiding the start-ups.

Key Features of the Pre-school Special Issue:

  • Brand Profile- Detailed company profile of all advertisers
  • Interviews and Articles  from  Chairman or Directors  of Top Pre-schools chains in India
  • Dissecting the Operational Structure of the top pre-School chains- Take on the Franchisee Model
  • Listing the major pre-Schools in India

The REACH of the Pre-School Special Issue

  • Present at major News stands across India, including 24 states and 200 cities
  • Presence at major malls, entertainment centres, libraries, etc
  • Students, teachers, parents, faculty
  • Educational institutions, policy institutions, R&D organizations
  • K-12 sector, higher education institutes, vocational and skills training institutes
  • Government department, ministries, NGOs
  • CEO, CIOs, IT industry leaders and practitioners
  • Regulatory bodies including NAAC, AICTE, UGC, NBA , DEC etc
  • Academicians, students, researchers, administrators
  • Donors, funding organizations, international bodies
  • Corporates in the Education Sector, IT vendors

digital LEARNING magazine invite all the premium Pre-School Chains in India to be an integral part of our November 2013, Pre-school Special Issue. Get in touch with us today to get your Brand featured in digitalLEARNING magazine.

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