IT industry adopts e-Learning solutions

IT industry adopts e-Learning solutions

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Companies like Dr Reddy's, IBM and Wipro are adopting e-Learning solutions to provide peer-to-peer learning solutions to their employees in India.


In peer-to-peer learning, employees across all hierarchical levels share knowledge freely with each other. Even they can exchange ideas, meet online through in-house technical journals. IBM's online tool for peer-to-peer learning named Expert-and-Knowledge Tracker is supporting collaboration, knowledge re-use and question answering. Another tool called Learning@IBM enables employees to subscribe to learning feeds i.e. they can receive recommendations from experts inside and outside of IBM. IBM also has an online tool called “The Learning Suite” that provides quick and easy access to a range of learning resources on a topic. The construct helps designers blend topics through diverse learning resources be it traditional, work-based and collaborative learning strategies in the context of their alignment with business strategy. Wipro has four forums, including Konnect, Knetworks, War Rooms and RFP Kwest through which employees would be stay connected. Konnect is an application that helps employees reach out to each other in technology, domain or process areas.

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