Connecting Knowledge Agents Worldwide
January 2009

Connecting Knowledge Agents Worldwide

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Never had the world looked smaller before the advent of the World Wide Web. The Internet has brought about a revolution in the way information is construed, passed and perceived. With its proven benefits in the field of corporate and governance across the world, it is time for us to witness an Internet revolution in the field of education as well. is designed to make the most of this new connected world. A social-educational-networking portal, it promises to get you engaged for a lifetime – gathering and sharing knowledge, creating interesting content, and getting feedback from like-minded people from all over the world.

With formal education comprising only a small fraction of student's life, achieving major gains in learning requires that students' constantly lead a educationally fulfilling life. This necessitates close cooperation and shared responsibility for distributed learning among society's educational agents (families, social service agencies, workplaces, mass media).

Iken allows students to connect with peers from school and all over. It also allows greater interactivity among parents, teachers and professionals in distant places, cultures and traditions. Study circles can be formed sitting at home; collaborative projects across geographies are no longer an impossibility.

There are five fundamental functionalities to :

Iken Learn: A repository of ratified e-learning content from the world over, Iken Learn satisfies a learner's educational and training needs through films, presentations, e-learning modules, crosswords, puzzles, journals and many other resources.

Content on K-12 curricula, degree and diploma courses, professional training courses, teacher-training modules to parenting modules

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