1000 new polytechnics planned for India

Vocational Education in India is getting impetus from the government through its schemes and financial outlay for skilled workforce.

Central government announced to open 1000 new polytechnics across the country under a nation wide scheme of 'Sub-Mission on Polytechnics' to be opened under Co-ordinated Action for Skill Development. The scheme  aims to benefit grass root enterprises and facilitate technology transfer.

The government under the revised scheme of Community Polytechnics has a total outlay of Rs.737.82 crores to over 1000 polytechnics have been outlined to be implemented during the 11th and 12th Five-Year Plan.

The HRD Ministry has planned financial arrangements of  a one time central grant for 300 polytechnics and Private Public Partnership (PPP) mode for another 300. The remaining 400 polytechnics would be set up through complete private funding.

As a part of programme, there are also proposals to augment the skill development among women by giving grants to the same numbers polytechnic colleges with an allocation of Rs.1 crore each.