Beyond Click Click!

Beyond Click Click!

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Soumya Banerjee, CEO, Attano, is of opinion that tablets can prove to be a potent tool for education of the content they carry has been optimised for the unique touch based user interface

Tell us about the ways in which tablets can serve as a tool for learning.
The tablets possess the unique power of making learning a much more immersive and personal experience. Unlike the PC or laptop, a tablet can facilitate anywhere and anytime learning. In case of tablets one can touch and rotate the content.

What are the best ways of creating content for 
Moving PC content on to the tablet doesn’t make sense. Having content according to device’s user interface is very important. It is also the uniqueness of the content that is available on the tablet that is driving the demand for  these devices. Parents and students want to use tablets to further their learning. No school wants to be left behind.

Tell us about the role that Attano is playing.

Attano is engaged in introducing education applications in the tablet system. There is crunch of content that is custom made for tablets. Our belief is that the books that students use are full of huge amount of content lying with  ublishers.
This content can easily be converted into interactive digital content. Attano specialises in interactive education.

How big is online educational content market
 perceived to be in India?
The textbook market in India is estimated to be at approximately 10000 crore/year. Attano is pioneering educational eBooks in India. India has an installed based of approximately 60 million PCs, the number is growing at around 15 percent year on year. The country is also the home to large number of tablets, as of now iPad rules the tablet space. Aakash, other Android Tablets and Windows 8 are bound to change the game in the coming months as these devices are much cheaper.

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