Enormous Opportunity Exists for e-Content Companies
July 2012

Enormous Opportunity Exists for e-Content Companies

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Ajay Shukla, Vice President and Managing Director, McGraw-Hill Education, on the role of tablets and e-content in pedagogy
We see tablets, as a major change agent in the education worldwide. The key drivers for current and future growth in our view are advent of low cost tablets, falling bandwidth prices, increasing telecom network reach, growing population of technology natives. Unlike smart boards and web based learning tools, tablets will find greater acceptance and adoption within institutions and teachers, as lot of heavy books can be carried as e-content inside the tablets. Enormous opportunity exists for e-content companies like ours, as content is at the heart of the learning process, while technology is just an enabler. We are partnering with device manufacturers and technology providers for distribution, marketing and consumer insights.

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