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April 2013

Digital Classrooms The Linchpin of Education

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Technology is becoming an inseparable part of education. We are now standing at the cusp of a technological revolution in pedagogy. Technology is also serving as a means of boosting a school’s visibility and prestige. It can lead to student recruitment and retention. The modern digital classroom comprises of a range of innovative tools for making education more interactive and engaging. Technology led innovation is leading in education space.
Several studies highlight the impact that technology has made in making the classroom more engaging for students. Tablets have a promising future in education: they are seen as a tool to address the lack of teachers and rising student dropout ratio while enhancing the reach of education crossing geographical barrier. The development in ICT tools in education is also ensuring the delivery of rich educational content to the students.

There are also new challenges that technology brings in its wake. Schools and higher education institutions have to deal with issues in universalisation of education, student retention, student engagement, assessment and evaluation, etc.
However, despite all the challenges, the ICTs are becoming much more acceptable in the education community. Lack of Information, training, initial inertia scuppered the adoption of these tools. With effective training at the initial stage, technology introduction will help in closing the gap of the available facility and its usage. The market size of digital classroom is likely to touch almost one lakh classrooms soon with a high growth rate. This trend is expected to continue for the next coming years. Classroom films, programmed learning devices, computer-assisted instruction and, more recently, interactive technology have been adopted and integrated into the curriculum with varying degrees of success depending on the effectiveness and involvement of people implementing the change.

The issue of digitalLEARNING seeks to highlight interactive whiteboards, interactive projectors, tablets, and other audiovisual aids that are being extensively used in the modern classrooms for enriching teaching-learning experience. We have interacted with a range of stakeholders to get their views on the innovations happening in the education space…

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