ICT Allows Educator to Pursue Reactive Teaching – Delhi Public School, Sonepat

Principal: Ranjoo Mann
Number of Students: 1600
Number of Faculty and Staff: 110

The school is using ICT solutions from E beam. The overall objective of deploying the solutions was to initiate a more technological and interactive approach to teaching. It allows the educator to pursue reactive teaching. It makes the visuals more effective means of retention than the methods deployed before. The main factors for a successful implementation of these tools is the availability of basic technology, which allows such an access. Apart from material factors, it also requires the basic know how on the operational level to ensure wider usage of this tool as an important resource provider.

Benefits of these Deployments

Educators are able to take reference and remark on all issues that may crop up in class.
This technology is overall very cost effective, easy to use, install, maintain,integrate and deploy. It allows an interdisciplinary approach for educators and students to explore their subject.
With a more interactive and interdisciplinary model in place, levels of academic involvement is much higher, and superior. With the usage of internet in class, deeper research method is instilled in students, and visual teaching makes the experience richer.

Evaluation of effect

The evaluation of teaching in class is done to standardised processes in the school. The clearest way of evaluating this tool is noticed when the involvement of students in initiating discussion is seen.

Enhanced teaching and learning process

Teaching and learning as a processes have now a higher level of inter dependence, wherein, an educator is able to initiate discussion among students through a visual medium.
Students have been engaging in self learning through discussion and exploration. The connection between concepts and visualising them has greatly increased the efficiency of the learning process, deeming the work of educators much smoother, than just relying on bookish knowledge. The most important aspect of this learning method is the filtration and wiser selection of all available resources that students employ when they are engaged in this teaching module.

Teachers’ training

 The training of teachers in using this tool did not take much time due to the nature of this software. It is easy to use, install, deploy, integrate and upgrade. As it is a highly intuitive tool, educators find the usage of this tool much easier and rewarding than other methods. Once trained the educators deployed these methods in their respective classrooms and get a better response as they are now able to retain the attention of students, through logical visual communication.
Students’ Feedback: The E beam teaching method used in class is a fun way to learn as an additional help. It facilitate deeper and relevant stories and anecdotes related to the subjects. It helps students understand concepts faster and put subjects in perspective. Students are also able to keep up with international standards of learning.
Teachers’ Feedback: This teaching module has allowed to unburden the greater load of research required for each subject. As it allows educators to access resources from other schools. It help teacher to stay updated with the general teaching trend, and allows a more homogeneous growth. It helps teachers retain attention of the students for a considerably longer period of time.

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