3 years and 20 college campuses by Centum Learning

A Bharti associate company, Centum Learning, is planning to open 20 college campuses in the next three years, to offer undergraduate & post graduate courses in management, finance, economics and media & entertainment. Estimated INR 100 crore are to be invested to set up these campuses. The first five campuses, under the name-Centum U, will come up in cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderbad, Mohali and Pune.

Ties ups have been done by Centum with the University of London, UK to offers courses in economics, management and finance at these campuses. While undergraduate degrees in economics and finance will be offered by the London School of Economics, the management courses will be offered in collaboration with Royal Holloway. Vocational training courses will also be covered by Centum Learning in Tier II and III cities, alongsie with training sessions and workshops for Indian corporates.