ICT in fulfilling the educational potentials of students

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The Dell ICT in education research surveyed 277 UK primary and secondary schools and found that nearly three quarters (72%) of teachers identify the main reason for using ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is that it helps them teach more effectively.


Now in its second year, Dell's ICT in Education research shows technology is supporting the delivery of the Department for Education and Skills' 2005 e-Strategy of transforming learning and enabling children to fulfil their educational potential. This is particularly pertinent to boys at school, traditionally seen as a harder to reach learner group than their female peers. Almost a third of teachers, deputy heads and ICT co-ordinators (28%) believe boys respond better to ICT in the classroom compared to just 4% who said girls. According to Dell's research, teachers cite the way ICT enables them to engage and interact with pupils more effectively as a key reason for using it more in the classroom.

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