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Future school on the net
The software developer Future School has created an online learning system that is tailored to the curriculum of each Australian state, with a database to keep students’ results so parents can watch their progress.
Students can study mathematics, English grammar and English as a  second language on the web at home, with each subject related to  what they are learning in class. Future School is also negotiating with  TAFE Global to provide vocational learning online.  But the big advantages of online learning are its flexibility and reach. Students must download a Future  School programme before being able to access lessons on the website  ( The lessons include video tutorials and  animation to help them understand
topic areas. The students can then test themselves with online  quizzes and get their marks immediately, letting them and their  parents know how well they grasp the concepts.  The project would be implemented promptly on the finalisation of the ICT system under establishment  at woreda levels. The college has also been working with the Britishbased  Open University to standardise its diploma programmes  in the fields of law, accounting and administration during the past three years.

US president says learn math, else Indians will take the job
Learn your math or watch your job go to China or India. With this modern  US version of the Indian parents’ nighttime admonition to sleepless  kids about Gabbar Singh, president  Bush cranked up a new math initiative in US schools to try and retain US leadership in science  and technology. The US president has increasingly invoked competition from India and  China to bestir the American public on issues ranging from energy to  education. Urging students to study
math and science because they were “cool subjects”, Bush announced the  etting up of a National Math Panel which would determine best practices for teaching math in the nation’s schools. He also proposed to double  federal spending on basic research, piquing student interest by pointing out that both the Internet and iPod were products of government investment in research. Bush’s

Demand for computer skills drives low-cost blended
learning solutions Today’s businesses need their staff to be IT literate to compete effectively. This pressing need has led to  increased demand by companies for IT competency standards such as  ECDL (the European Computer
Driving Licence), which tests allround IT knowledge for business  applications. This drive for IT standards has prompted gtslearning  to develop a complete blendedlearning solution for its ECDL  portfolio. This new initiative has been
conceived to help educators costeffectively deliver large scale training programmes. Gtslearning, a London-based  education solutions provider, has announced the launch of a new  blended-learning solution for ECDL study using Microsoft Office 2003,  XP or 2000.

Distance education through video conferencing in Ethiopia
The Ethiopian Civil Service College of Ethiopia is working  with the World Bank and other relevant international institutions  to upgrade the distance education
with the help of video conferencing  and Internet, besides the traditional means of utilising books and papers. initiatives stems from recent studies that paint a grim picture of declining US competitiveness in the face of the rising number of science and engineering graduates from China and India.

South Africa: Primary school learners get technologically wise Mindset
Cabanga (Cabanga is the isiZulu word for “think”) is launched by education minister Naledi Pandor,  the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Mindset Network in Diepsloot, Johannesburg. Through this project, each school will receive a computer, television set and a satellite dish so that they  can access the curriculum-aligned lessons and educator support  content. The equipment allows the content to be used on-demand  at the educator’s convenience and the various lessons, videos and print content can be replenished  and remotely updated via satellite. Mindset Network is a satellite television network that  tackles key educational and healthcare challenges. It broadcasts at various times to suit schools and allows for home viewing. It targets grades 10-12 learners and teachers, and places an emphasis on Maths,  Science and English.

Global Gateway portal
Qatar’s Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology (ictQATAR) and the British Council have kicked off the  Global Gateway Project (GGP) with local schools.  GGP, described as a one-stop free-ofcharge shop for international educational activities, aims to   develop and strengthen international educational partnerships between  educational organisations around the world. The Global Gateway portal is  developed, funded, and directed by the British Department for Education  and Skills and operated worldwide by the British Council. In collaboration with ictQATAR, British Council is to hold workshops, in Doha for teachers from Independent Schools,
covering all the available tools within the GGP.

Learning Danish online
Denmark’s Ministry of Refugees, Immigration and Integration Affairs has developed and launched a comprehensive online  Danish course. In cooperation with the Dansk e-Learning Center, Denmark’s  Ministry of Refugees, Immigration and Integration Affairs has  developed and launched a comprehensive online Danish course  at http://www. DanskABC is an online language learning tool for students worldwide  and besides Danish language schools, many companies, private  individuals, elementary schools and prisons are already using

DAA launches new online learning programme
Dubai American Academy has launched a new online learning program through Virtual High School. DAA will expand the  student’s 21st century learning skills by offering their studentsaccess to over 200 online courses to  obtain credits, to get ahead or simply to learn about a subject that  interests them. This new programme is made possible by a partnership with Virtual High School (, the pioneer of online learning for high school  students and online course design and instruction for teachers.  Students can access the courses  from the school terminals or from  any other Internet connection at their convenience, and a dedicated site coordinator, Amy Smith – also the  IT Director, will act as a liaison between students, teachers and VHS  assuming the position of VHS Coordinator.

New Spanish localisation portal for English / Spanish translators
Spanish localisation leader, Trusted Translations, Inc., announced the launch of a new portal for English – Spanish translators containing free  English – Spanish localisation resources, including accounting and   financial English / Spanish dictionaries and other critical translation tools. First South African schools get connected to a new world of learning Two secondary schools have become the first in South Africa to join an electronic network of 24

African schools with access to worldclass learning material.
Ipetleng Secondary School in Free State and Thozamisa Secondary School in Eastern Cape have been connected by the Oracle  Consortium under the e-Schools initiative, supported by the New  Partnership for Africa’s Development (Nepad). The initiative is designed to upgrade  all of Africa’s secondary schools over the next 10 years by providing  them with information and communications technology  hardware, software and content, and by training teachers to use the new facilities

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