IBM, Micorosoft protest Indonesia’s open source policy

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A number of US informatic technology companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Oracle have criticised Indonesia`s open source application policy.

Under its open source application policy, Indonesia uses sytems without licenses formed by the user country itself and for its own interest. Microsoft considered that Indonesia has discredited the license product protected by property rights such as what was produced by Microsoft. Microsoft said that Indonesian government`s support to the open source application could threat market of informatic technology (IT) software produced by some US IT giant companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle.

Meanwhile, the clarification is made that the Indonesian Government actually support both of them, license application and open source application. Indonesian Government gave choices to people to use license application or open sources. At the moment Indonesia is one country of the top rank at the priority watch list. Some high education institutions choosing the open source application, among others are the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) as well as other institutions. They chose it as the price is much cheaper than license application as well as it is legal category.


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