Cambridge University Press ties with RiiiT IT Kids to promote ICT education in South Asia

Cambridge University Press has tied up with Raman International Institute of Information Technology (RiiiT) IT Kids project to promote ICT education in throughout Asia.< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


RiiiT conceptualized a unique innovative ICT Education for those kids who are 12 years (K-12) and it is named as IT Kids. Basically IT Kids is special package of teaching material, to assist students and teachers in improving ICT skills. It provides an end-to-end ICT education to schools but also provide ICT solution for school Administration and training teachers on ICT. IT-Kids product will provide complete end-to-end ICT learning content through giving total support to the child and teacher. The curriculum provides continuous support in honing ICT skills through four stages. In stage-1, the child and teacher is supported with conventional books; in stage-2 digital help is being provided, where in the teacher is supported with classroom presentation, workshops/seminars, orientation programs, session plans, while in stage-3, Computers based tutorial and online crossword puzzle, quizzes, memory games, animations & walkthroughs. In stage-4, e-Learning content is provided with more through images, audio, simulation and multimedia. IT Kids has been successfully tried and tested in Karnataka. It is expected that IT Kids programme will reach up to 1 million students throughout south Asia in next year.