e-Shishu project takes IT skills into schools of Orissa, India

The e-Shishu project is trying to make ensure education for all children up to age 14 in the Orissa, India.< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


The State Government is trying to initiate ICT skills in e-Governance and education sector. The main of the e-Shishu project is to make a way for Universal Elementary Education for all children in the state up to age of 14. The project will also ensure for generating funds for school infrastructure and children's education. State government will create a live database of all children from age 14 to 26. The Government will also provide a technology framework in e-Governance, which will include track child progress and prioritise resource allocation. The data would also be available on web to maintain the transparency between government and public. The project would be implemented in schools of 52000 villages and it will also include EMIS (Education Management Information System) code generation and Intelligent Character Recognition/Non-Intelligent Character Recognition sheet designing for data collection. The Orissa Primary Education Programme Authority has conceived the e-Shishu project. Two sub-projects under e-Shishu have been initiated. While the Orissa GIS School Mapping aims to map the available infrastructure in each school in the State, the Educational Personnel Information System will help gather information on teachers and teacher-to-pupil ratio in the State. In future, the IT department of the State Government, the Orissa Computer Application Centre, Software Technology Parks of India and CSM Technologies will involve in this project.